Friday, November 21, 2008

The Worldwide Kindness Day

My Rational Application Developer was very very kind today to me while I was doing some kind of tracing:

Time to load bundles: 14
Starting application: 1594
Application Started: 18245
Valid-responses ok error M E Removed New-entry MT Created Remove-entry Clear-sticky Checked-in Merged Clear-static-directory Update-existing Copy-file Set-sticky Valid-requests Mod-time Notified Set-static-directory Template Updated Module-expansion

That's an example!


AlBlue said...

FYI that's the message for the CVS login successful when you get in. If your password is wrong, it's I HATE YOU.

I spent a while implementing kerberos authentication for CVS, but sadly it's still languishing in bugzilla.

Christopher Daniel said...

I suspected that this is somehow related to CVS, but it is quite funny to see that kind of message today ;-)