Sunday, November 16, 2008

DemoCamp's shape

Going to demo camp with presentation is always difficult, especially if you need to travel from Poznan to Krakow (both cities are in Poland). The main problem is that Krakow is in dead zone. It does not matter which transport medium (a car, a train or even a plane) you select, it always takes 6 hours or more to get from one city to another.
You can easily imagine my big astonishment when I saw people that travelled even longer to give their lightning talk and listen to other presenters (including me with RAP). I invited them also to Poznan, which is much closer then Krakow, but they gently refused - they wanted democamp to be similar to conference rather than informal talk, where people share with their Eclipse experience.
I am a little bit said, because we have resigned from fixed schedule in Poznan to be flexible and to encourage our guests to start talking. Eventually our program has been received as rather "poor", and the democamp is considered as an event in its starting phase. This is basically not true, as Jacek (in cooperation with others) is putting a lot of work to get everything working correctly and everybody to be happy.
So, I'd ask a general question: What are you expecting from demo camp you are going to attend?


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