Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 daily report

but before I'll start let me show you my way to Eclipse Summit this year ;)

As I am student (really ;) ) I've got the student discount. Following the rule of savings I have flight to the Germany ;) . It was investment in time and money, train is twice as much time and $ painful. Anyway it was very lively travel. I took one car, one plain, one RE, one S-bahn to get to Ludwigsburg. I booked the chipest accommodation possible but it has at least three drawbacks:

  • It is far to far form the city center.
  • There is only one bus every half hour.
  • breakfast are served till 9am.

But as I pay for everything from my pocket, money counts (lets say I don't like to spend on myself ;) )

Maybe later one I'll report on how Ludwigsburg looks like for me (first time I made whole trip by foot) but now let me say few words about conference itself.

There were 4 sessions today. the choices were sometimes hard. one not wisely made.
Talking only in superlatives I've heard several good speeches, I have some interesting conversation between them and I've seen how huge power is Eclipse community. As I have barely no time today (well it is rather matter of not having internet at my room, even hostel) I'll sum-up what I heard today tomorrow.
Of course I'm not the only person with camera at this event (Ed will probably present bunch of nice photos) but let me show you one (that how it started).

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