Tuesday, March 20, 2012

'Ignore optional compile problems' is now available with 3.8/4.2 M6

  • Have you ever been overwhelmed by thousands of potentially unimportant warnings in your Java project?
  • Have you ever tried to avoid excessive error reporting from a source folder containing auto-generated code?
  • Have you ever looked for a specific problem and could not find it because it drowned somewhere in the Problems view?

If answer to any of the above questions is 'Yes', then I have good news for you! Finally, after several busy weeks, we have an option to ignore all configurable compile problems just a few clicks away!

It's really simple!

You can turn on the new Ignore optional compile problems option for each source folder available in your Java project. To do that, go to Project properties > Java Build Path > Source and toggle the value of 'Ignore optional compile problems' to Yes. With this option set to 'Yes', JDT compiler will suppress errors and warnings configured in the Preferences > Java > Compiler > Errors/Warnings page.

Java Build path page with 'Ignore optional compile problems' highlighted

We wouldn't have the new option without great help from Satyam and Markus who spent a lof of time reviewing patches for bug 220928. Thanks guys!

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