Friday, November 28, 2008

DemoCamp in Poznan

So this week we had the DemoCamp in Poznan. It was the 3rd time and I'm really impressed by how it has changed over time.

First DemoCamp was at the University, lecture style. Lots of attendees, most of them students, tough topics like g-Eclipse and Equinox. Feedback for us was that yes people in Poznan are interested in Eclipse.

Second DemoCamp, together with Ganymede release in June. This time as an informal evening event with beer and pizza. Lightning talks really astonished me! Suddenly it had turned out that there's more RCP developers around than we know. We received some interesting questions too.

And now this week's evening event. We planned for 3 demos and lightning talks session, but I noticed that after second demo, we could have stopped already. People started talking, gathering into groups and discussing their own topics. Amazing!
Topics, I heard of, ranged from "where does Eclipse name come from (FrED)?", thru modeling (promoted tirelessly by Grzegorz), to use of AOP for tiers separation.

This time was special also because of the guests we had: The Embarcadero's big guy, trying to fit delicious polish beer and the new era of SQL development on a very narrow table; an incognito Platform committer from Krakow teaming up with his GSoC student, and our new Platform.UI committer Chris. There were also some unexpected guests like famous traveller Mr. Wallet from Berlin, and some Scottish couple :-) Thank you all for visiting us!

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