Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eclipse Debugger, part VI

Recently I've told you about the Expressions view, which allows one to view the values of different expressions. There is also another view, called Display, which can do similar things, but works in a little bit different way.
The Display view is not opened by default in the Debug perspective, so to open it go to Window->Show View->Other->Debug->Display. The UI of this view is rather simple, but it can be very useful, it gives you the possibility to:
  • evaluate any expression and display its value
  • execute given expression
  • create a watch expression
How does it work? Just write any valid expression in the Display view (you can use Content Assist) and run actions from the view's toolbar.
The view can be used as a kind of scrapbook, where you can easily enter some elements of code and experiment a little bit while debugging.

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