Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eclipse Summer School 2008

I am pleased to announce, that in cooperation with Poznan Univeristy of Technology, we are preparing next edition of Eclipse Summer School. We are going to teach students (and not only, companies are also welcomed) how to use Eclipse and how to create RCP applications.

The tutorial is 5 days long and we guarantee dinners, coffee, tea, sweets and a lot of fun!

You can find more details here: Unforunately the site has no English version, so please use google translate.

We are also looking for sponsors, so if you would like to look for new hires or to promote your company in academic environemnt, please let me know.


PS. Last year 95% of particapants told us that they would recommend our training!


Przemoc said...

And I was the one (and only one), who didn't answer yes in survey. IIRC there were 3 options: yes, neutral, no. I've chosen neutral one, not because ESS2K7 was bad - it was very enjoyable and informative event, but I thought then, that it could be simply better.

If I recommend something it must be well-tested, so one ESS is not enough to properly judge.

Nevertheless I'd rather recommend your training now.

Jacek Pospychala said...

Przemoc, what would you like to learn now on such a training?