Monday, July 28, 2008

Another reason to love Mylyn!

Mylyn is one of my favorites Eclipse project, I especially like the context feature, but as every software Mylyn also has some bugs, fortunately there is also great Mylyn team. Last Thursday while working on Bug 241505 I wanted to add this bug to the Task List view. I went to the Task Repositories view, right click on the repository, chose Open Repository Task option...and I came across a bug. I went to Bugzilla, submitted a bug, checked out Mylyn code from the CVS and started looking at the code to find and kill this bug (Plyg-in Spy helped me of course to find the code, where the bug could be). In order to start debugging I ran another instance of Eclipse with fresh Mylyn plug-ins can imagine how surprise I was when I couldn't reproduce the issue?! I looked at the CVS history and it appeared that bug reported by me, had already been submitted and it had been already fixed! So now I have another reason to love Mylyn - the Mylyn team fixes bugs faster then I am able to find them! Kudos to the Mylyn team and all its contributors!

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