Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Eclipse in SDJ articles series

Maybe it is not time for saying that but this is surly worth to be announced.
Last year we (authors of this blog and Mirek Ochodek) started project which was intended to introduce Eclipse to the Polish community.
We came with the idea to write several articles about platform both from the programmer and end user point of view. We started cooperation with "Software" publisher and planned special Software Developer Journal about Eclipse platform. After almost two month of hard work (and at this point I must say I am really grateful for the time and passion all my friends put into this project) we've got all response from the articles' reviewers. All of them was great and I am personally proud of the quality we've achieved. At that point I was hoping that the magazine would be soon available for the community, but by now it is not. Unfortunately due to the problems with sponsorship of such a special issue, recently the project has changed the form. Although this is not the result we all have expected, it seems the articles will be published in monthly editions of the magazine, one by one. The topic we have covered are following:

  1. Eclipse community

  2. Eclipse IDE

  3. Debugging and unit testing in Eclipse

  4. Mylyn - task oriented development

  5. TPTP

  6. Eclipse for web development

  7. Beyond Eclipse

  8. SWT/JFace

  9. Building RCP applications

  10. EMF

  11. GEF and GMF

I will inform you about first article from the series.

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