Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Don't underestimate CDT

If you ask me whether I am C++ or Java programmer I will say Java's one. I used to program C++ a lot and now I am in the situation I will probably do even more.
Recently, I've got a code to analyze. So as I am doing most of my programming in Eclipse choice was as usual. The software is pretty big and I tend to be lazy when I can so I decided to import my code to the managed project.
Unfortunately, the code conventions are a bit different from common practices (or maybe something has changed since I've switched to Java). Some parts of code are kept in *.cxx files and #included in *.hpp files. Unfortunately with default configuration the code in *.cxx is compiled what evidently leads to compilation errors. What I wanted to do (fortunately that rule is followed in whole project) was excluding *.cxx files from compilation.
I started with trying File Types project preferences option, but without results.
Then I found working solution. After setting everything up switch off automatic makefiles. Several minutes ago I was thinking that this is the only solution. But don't ever underestimate tools you don't know well.
Obviously there is a simple and elegant solution. Project preferences ->C/C++ General -> Paths and symbols -> Source locations tab. You can even make index
working on excluded files.
That made my day :)

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