Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On my way to become commiter - homework

This post I dedicate to every fellow working day and night to get commiter status.

There is a time in every eclipser life, when one cannot hide longer in the shadow of internal packages, and has to stand firmly in the snihe of public API.

But one has to be very carefull, because demons of history sleep in Eclipse API. And if someone tries to influence their doze, will be punished.

There is only one way to survive: be faithful to the Eclipse tradition - do not try to break rules.

If you do not know am I talking about - please take a look into eclipse wiki. That's your homework (and mine too).

Just to give you prove that deamons do not sleep:
I have fixed once bug 205194 and that was serious crime which I have not even realized. Then the beast come to me.

Please do not follow my path.

Cheers ;).


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

lol, thanks for making me laugh this morning :)

hopefully PDE API Tools will help you in the future :)

Carlo said...

I want to become commiter for eclipse project.
What should I do?