Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do bugs go to heaven?

As we're on fuzzies subject, I wonder how many of you still fill them when you mark bugs FIXED. Probably not many, I heard it's a daily ritual for committers to click FIXED button. :) But what happens after that single preciously investigated being disappears from our Mylyn task list, Firefox history or finally current Milestone horizon?
Well, bugs don't end up their lives in heaven. They sleep buried deeply in unmaintained CVS branch and patiently wait for their time.

Some people happen to work with applications based on Eclipse 3.0 or 3.1 and, among all good they produce, they accidentally bring past into life. Here I come into action with magic Spell Book bugzilla and it's always such a relief to see spells like "fixed in v20030501", or "problem was class XYZ.getFoo() which I have just updated" instead of incorrect Target Milestone field or meaningless "Fixed".
And I'll not mention some EMF gurus who seem to have fun leaving beautiful trace of their code transparency. EMF bugs go to heaven :)

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