Thursday, November 22, 2007

Adding bugzilla task in Mylyn

This is rather a question than tutorial. When I am browsing through Eclipse bugzilla there are some bugs interesting for me. As I am Mylyn user I want add this task to the one of my Task view's categories. I spend some time on looking for a option "Add repository task with a specific ID" and I didn't find one. But I've found a way to add a task with a couple of steps:

  1. Search for a task with a given ID

  2. Move the task to one of your categories

Is there any easier way ?


Thierry Monney said...


You can simply drag the bug URL (e.g. to the wanted category in the task list.

Hope it helps

Bartek Michalik said...

Yes, it helps. thanks :)
simple solution but still, it is not so simple. where is copy&paste or menu action?

Michal said...

You can watch the bug - then it will automatically appear in your query for watched bugs.

Wayne said...

I tend to just make queries against bugzilla for "bugs assigned to me", "bugs I'm copied on", "Bugs I've commented on", or "Phoenix bugs" and the like. That way Mylyn finds the bugs for me, not the other way around...

Eugene Kuleshov said...

Yes, there is easier way. Unfortunately I haven't been able to convince Mik to make it more accessible and we've got this ugly bug id entry field in the huge search dialog.

An alternative action is available from the Task Repositories view - "Open Repository Task...". You can also enable it on Java perspective from Window / Customize Perspective / Commands tab / Mylyn Task Navigation Extras.

Last time it been discussed, Mik was planning to remove this feature. If you like it, please consider to vote against bug 204864 and suggest to make existing feature more accessible, otherwise there is a good chance it will be removed in Mylyn 3.0. You can also comment/vote on bug 204862.

Mik said...

I've added a section on opening tasks by key/ID to the Mylyn User Guide.

Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Ya, this is one thing that upsets me about Mylyn... it's not as easy as I'd like it, but it's much better than before :)

It's hard to win every battle :P

Mik said...

Chris and others: if you have ideas on how to steamline task opening please consider posting them because we're always trying to improve this and related parts of the UI. You will notice that I have been resistant to some of the ideas that Eugene was proposing because we are trying very had to keep the UI as simple as possible, and this means reausing as much UI as we can. For example, even though we added the Open Repository Task dialog, we were getting multiple reports from users wanting to open repository tasks by ID from the Search page, because that's where most issue trackers add this functionality. That's one of the main reasons we reused the Search view for this instead of introducing a new dialog, and just made sure that it was wired up with all the right entry points and shortcuts, and that it didn't require more than two clicks to use.

A good place to discuss this further would be bug 204864.

Marc said...

I am using Mylyn 2.3.2

Call me luser, but I spent almost an hour trying to create an (impossible) query by ID.

I wasted so much time because each attempt to enter a bugzilla "show_bug?id=1234" URL in the "create query from URL" dialog box ended up cluttering my task list with hundreds of bugs. This slows down eclipse to a crawl,... and again when deleting these. I would call this behaviour a bug.

I finally found the "task->right-click->add to task list" feature, thanks God.

My 2 cents.