Thursday, November 26, 2009

Business and academic environment should go together!

You may not know this, but IBM Eclipse Support Center is a child of Poznań University of Technology and IBM. Both parties believe that science is valuable only when it is closely connected to the real business world.

This is quite difficult to achieve at quite abstract level of ogranizations. "We support universities", "We are close to business world", those statements looks great in PR, which does not implicate real usefulness. The science should be inspired by business, and the business should benefit from the science.

Poznan University of Technology managed to create quite good environment, where students can gain real experience, which is so important nowadays. Rules of cooperation are quite simple:
  • A company proposes a project, which cannot be mission-critical.

  • 6 students (4 developers, PM, Architect-Analytic) realize it as a bachelor thesis. This phase takes about 4-5 months.

  • Everybody is happy, everybody gets something valueable. Students participate in real projects, talk with real customers, while companies have their projects made for free.

We'd like to help those students, give them Eclipse know-how, which will make them really productive. Because of that reason we decided to held FREE Eclipse course for students. Check the presentation for details:

If you think that the cooperation between universities and commercial worlds is an absolute must, and you have ideas for which you do not have resources, please contact us contact us.
Even if you have ideas about Eclipse itself, if you think there is something that can be improved by those students, some new feature implemented, do not hesitate!

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