Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CNF goes to RAP

As we started new project at the university the decision was to check if RAP can be used as web presentation layer. Yup, we'll try but there are some features missing.
The biggest component we need in our system is Navigator (with pluggable content providers). But guess what ;) we have it in Eclipse == CNF. Unfortunately it doesn't work on RAP yet.
Oh, well since yesterday there is some progress ;). If you're interested there is a enhancement request opened for this issue. There you can find modified CNF plug-in and usage example. Runs on RAP 1.3.0.


Benjamin Muskalla said...

I really love to see other people step up and single-source existing parts of the whole platform story! Great work Bartek

Bartek Michalik said...

I suppose it needs more testing cause I prepared only simple use case.


Hi Michalik,

Its really good work, I have downloaded CNF-RAP from the provieded link. When I use I am getting error message in plugin.xml saying "Unknown extension point at org.eclipse.ui.navigator.navigatorContent" from the below code

I have copied the CNF plugins to eclipse\plugins aswell as eclipse\configuration\runtimetarget\plugins.

Could you please help me...

Thanks in advance.

Bartek Michalik said...

Hi Naveen,
I don't see you code snippet. But maybe you can try to follow the procedure described here:

CNF for RAP is already hosted in RAP incubator.