Thursday, August 7, 2008

If you ever had to extend an inherited or undocumented Eclipse based application, weren't you wondering what might be hiding in it? Myriads of misterious extension points and handy services. Since Eclipse 3.4 it's easy to deep dive into Eclipse extension points and services thanks to PDE Plug-in Registry view.

But as most of Eclipse based applications use Eclipse 3.3 or even 3.2, now it's getting easier to use Plug-in Registry in those older releases too, thanks to this bug.
Following screenshot presents 3.4 Plug-in Registry view installed in IBM Rational Software Modeler, based on Eclipse 3.3. Revealed are all GMF editors tool palettes with their IDs and names, which makes it easy to add even more tools!

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Benjamin Cabé said...

CTRL+Shift+A (Open Plug-In Artifact) is *very* cool too!