Monday, August 6, 2007

Eclipse and Proxy Settings

There is nothing more irritating that eclipse update manager (There is new one coming, I know, I know).

In Eclipse Callisto (3.2) proxy settings

were integrated into general eclipse network preferences in Europa (3.3):

As you see it solves many problems: now you can use update manager even if you have ssl authentication server and you do not need to enter your security credentials every time...

But please imagine you have much more complicated situation: your product on internal update site and you have proxy server that isolates your company network from internet and you rely on eclipse community projects...

Now it is pain!

In this situation eclipse should have set:
  • Proxy Settings for your proxy server
  • Internal update site in No Proxy for.
This seems to be pretty obvious, but... actually No Proxy for does not work due to VM limitations.

You can achieve your goal adding internal update server host name, server http address (but without http:// and IP address...). It means there are 3 entries per one server.

Then it will work.


Adam said...

Thank you, thank you! I was really confused when I couldn't find the proxy settings and this helped me a lot!

Sebastian said...

Some changes hapend in Eclipse v. 3.3.2 now proxy configuration is under [General]-[Network connections]->HTTP Proxy

Jatin said...

Window=>Preferences...=>Install/Update=>Enable HTTP proxy connection. The weird thing is that that works the first time. Subsequently, you also have to set the proxy settings under Window=>Preferences...=>Internet=>Proxy Settings