Friday, July 20, 2007

Compare folders on Windows

Yesterday I had two Eclipses that one worked and other didn't, it was obvious to make some diff but real pain that I had nothing like diff, cmp or compare under Windows.
But hey, Eclipse compares folders all the same as it compares our Java code.

You simply create new project, create two new linked folders, that point to somewhere in your filesystem, select, "Compare -> With Each Other" from popup and voila


Litrik De Roy said...

I didn't know Eclipse could do that. Great tip! Thanks.

Nick said...

Eclipse has come a loooong way in terms of its support for doing file, folder, object tree & intra-file compares (esp. with Java and xml files), but in some respects, it's still not *quite* as sweet (yet) as Beyond Compare. Granted, BC doesn't yet run *IN* Eclipse as a plugin (it's launched as a separate process), but it's a great alternative for more complex or specialized comparisons. For more, see this article (search for "eclipse").

I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention the EMF Compare project, which is for comparing EMF models.

betto said...

Yeah comparing is one of the great features of Eclipse :-)

Erik Lindblad said...

Good tip!