Wednesday, June 20, 2007

GMF project in 5 minutes with GMF Dashboard

Recently I was playing with the GMF to see what are the capabilities of this framework. I knew that a lot of models would have to be created and for sure it didn't make me happy ;-) However, after creating new GMF project with the 'New GMF Project wizard' the GMF Dashboard appeared and guided me through the process of building my own GMF editor.

The GMF Dashboard distinguishes all the models that have to be created and combined to create the editor. Domain Model can be found in the center and all the other models, that are derived form it, are placed around. Although the Dashboard only starts the appropriate wizards, it helps not to forget about anything important and shows all the time on what stage of the process we are.

I think that it is a great thing for all the newcomers, who have just started using GMF and are afraid of the complexity of this framework (so it is perfect for me ;-) ). It's maybe not something new, but for sure worth noticing.

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